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Used Minivan in Appleton, WI

Used Minivan in Appleton, WI

Minivans are the perfect family vehicle when you want something safe, spacious, and full of features. Here at Russ Darrow, we have many minivans for you to look at including the popular Honda Odyssey and the Dodge Grand Caravan. These are just the first steps to help you find the perfect Used Minivan in Appleton. When you buy used, you also save more money over buying new but still get the dependable and feature filled vehicle you desire.

Used Honda Odyssey Minivan in Appleton

One of the more sought after minivans out there is the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey can be filled with many different features and safety features depending on the trim and year model. For example, on higher trims, you can find premium heated leather seats, power sliding doors, rear DVD entertainment, and more. When it comes to entertainment, this is where it all starts. If the van is only a year or two old, it could also include Blu-ray technology.

The rear DVD entertainment is great to keep those in back busy darning longer drives. More recent models even allow for wireless headphones so you can listen to music or concentrate on just the drive. The safety features on board is one of the things you probably look for most as it is very important. Some safety features that you can find includes a rear backup camera, Honda LaneWatch, frontal collision warning, roll-over airbags, and more. The advanced features are found on higher trims.

Used Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan in Appleton

Another highly sought after minivan you can find is the Dodge Grand Caravan. This minivan has been around for quite some time and has only become more and more popular. This is one Used Minivan in Appleton that can be found with plenty of features and safety features to entertain and protect everyone.

For example, some of the features you can find on board includes satellite radio, 8-way power adjustable front seat, a backup camera, and more. The engine on some models is a 3.3 V6 so you can get an idea of the power it can have to help you get around.

There are many different minivans out there that you can find including by Honda, Dodge, Toyota, and more. Finding the perfect Used Minivan in Appleton all starts with us at Russ Darrow. Stop in today. If you would like more information or want to schedule a test drive, you can contact us at 888-679-0753 or you can stop in. We are located on West College Avenue in Appleton, WI. We provide service to the surroundings cities as well.

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